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The Best Affordable Website Hosting- A Review

Points to Consider

Disk Space
Unlimited domains
Customer Service


Step 3 Selecting a Hosting Company

Website hosting is a critical part of the whole process of getting your site on the internet and visible to your visitors. I have outlined above some of the considerations you will need to review when making your choice of web host.

Free web hosting is a very tempting choice for anyone starting out with their first web site but 'free' comes with a lot of provisos. Consider

  • Is it 'really' free?
  • Must you suffer adverts for the 'free' hosting?
  • Do they offer very limited bandwidth before you must upgrade? (Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to visitors to you site.)
  • Do they have 24/7 support?
  • What is their 'uptime like?'
  • How quickly do they respond to server failures?
  • Will they be around tomorrow?
  • ...and so on

It's quite a long list and there is more but the point is 'Free comes at a price' and that price is usually your time, and possibly your sanity.

If the above considerations are not important to you then the 'Free' option may suit, and there may be some truly excellent 'Free Services' but unless you are an NGO or some charitable concern the likelihood of a 'free' service offering everything you need is probably remote, especially if you are thinking of establishing a commercial site.

Finally, after a lot of searching myself, I would recommend Hostgator. They have packages starting from $6.95 a month with cpanel* access. They have been very good on reliability, they have a selection of video tutorials (though some could do with updating as the software is updated) and a very helpful and informative forum.

If you want a dependable, will still be there tomorrow hosting company that virtually insists on monthly, NOT annual, payments (that's great protection for you) then this is

Action Step 3 Click Here Now for Hostgator-Recommended Hosting Choice .

*cpanel is an interface, a screen, that holds many of the useful functions that will make using the site so much easier and valuable to you. For example, it incorporates website statistics that tell you

  • how many people came to your site,
  • where they came from
  • how long they stayed
  • which pages they viewed

..and much more

It's worth the price of the hosting fee for this alone.  Get Your cpanel at Hostgator

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